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Car Entertainment Upgrades To Consider For 2022

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As we are getting closer to 2022, there are some car upgrades that will be available for your consideration. One of the most exciting upgrades is in the entertainment department. Here are some car entertainment upgrades to consider.

1. New LCD screen

Your current car's screen is a bit boring to look at. You can now upgrade it with a new one that comes in LED and LCD variations. The new screens will have better resolution, interface capabilities, color depth, and much higher refresh rates for smoother motion.

2. New Android Auto System

Android Auto is a revolutionary system that allows you to connect your smartphone to the car itself. It lets you talk on the phone using voice commands or place calls, read and reply to text messages, access navigation apps like Google Maps, enjoy media stored on your phone via Bluetooth connectivity, and much more.

3. New Apple CarPlay System

If you are an Apple user, you can now install a new system in your car that works with CarPlay (which is Apple's version of Android Auto). The system lets you access your phone's features such as music, messaging apps, navigation apps, and more. Since it uses iOS, you can quickly access all your favorite apps easily.

4. New Audio System

If you want to take your car's audio system to the next level, you can install a new and improved sound system. With this upgrade, your sound system will produce high-fidelity sound with deeper bass and a wider frequency response range. It will provide the best sound quality, making it a great upgrade for music lovers.

5. New Speakers

We cannot forget the most important part of any entertainment system – the speakers. You can upgrade your car audio with new speakers that have a higher wattage output and audio clarity for maximum enjoyment.

6. New Subwoofers

The subwoofers are the most important part of any car audio system. The new subs will give you maximum bass effect with minimal distortions, flutters, and rattles.

7. New Amplifier

With new technology, you can now get a smaller amplifier but larger in power. The amp will be able to deliver a crisp, clear sound with minimal distortion and lots of bass.

Visit a Car Audio Shop Today

According to a poll, 82% of Gen Z participants and 76% of Millennials listen to music in their vehicles. This goes to show just how important good car audio is to them. With any of the upgrades mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy your music in a more immersive experience, make phone calls without holding the device, access your favorite apps conveniently, and much more. Call us or visit our car audio shop today to learn which upgrades are a good fit for you.


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